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How can we reduce our environmental impact on climate change?
As a green hub for Chorlton, we want to learn and act together to reduce the harm caused the environment that is now creating climate change problems affecting people here and around the world.  

There are many resources available to guide individuals and businesses, including locally:

Manchester Climate Agency, with its suggested 15 Actions

Bee Net Zero, from the Business Growth Hub, supporting businesses across Greater Manchester.


Here we hope to focus on our green spaces, reducing pollution, growing our own food and caring for wildlife for starters. Please share your resources, projects and suggestions for inclusion by emailing Danielle.

Here's a starter from us with ideas on climate-resilient gardening.

climate resilient gardening.jpg

This banner was created for Chorlton Arts Festival 2022, for the railings of the community garden during its refurbishment. What can we do to cherish and nurture our green spaces? Find out more about Chorlton local groups you can join. 

Get involved with local groups to look after our environment
There are many groups linked to local greens spaces including parks and wildlife areas that you can get involved with as a volunteer. Find out who's doing what and how you can get involved by contacting them through the local Chorlton groups links on our website.

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