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Edible forest gardening

Find out more and volunteer to create a mini forest garden.

Space to Grow: Supporting new veg growers

Join our one-off project to encourage first-time veg growers in Chorlton. Join as a recipient of a kit or help out as a buddy.
Find out more about Space to Grow...

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The community garden in its first development around 2014

Chorlton Community Garden

The Friends of Chorlton Community Garden team are working to restore and re-open this special green oasis on busy Manchester Road, next to Chorlton Library.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as Manchester Council requiring planning permission to install wheelchair accessible paths and a shelter (features requested in our consultations), the refurbishment process has been long drawn out. We have been granted planning permission (July 2023) so the next step is fundraising but we are also bound by what access is available during Chorlton Library's refurbishment starting in October 2023.

Read our initial illustrated report to the lottery for Together for Our Planet funding.

If you would like to get involved, please email
Read and sign up for the Chorlton Community Garden newsletter.

This space is based on Manchester Road in Chorlton, between the Sedge Lynn Pub and Chorlton Library. It used to be a public toilet!

It was open to the public from around 2014 but then fell into a state of disrepair during closure times of Covid when it couldn't be looked after. A group of volunteers including individuals and people from organisations like Chorlton Voice, Chorlton Arts Festival Chorlton Plant Swap & Gardening Advice, Chorlton Community Land Trust and others are working to get the space cleared and re-designed. We welcome anyone who can bring time, skills or expertise to the group.

Please email Carolyn at to find out how to get involved so the garden can hopefully be reopened to the community. 

Get involved in different aspects of caring for the community garden

Visit the garden

Manchester Road next to Chorlton Library M21 9PN. Closed for health & safety reasons, refurb underway.

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