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Space to Grow: A project supporting new vegetable growers

Space to Grow is a one-off project to help enthusiastic newbies have a go at growing some easy fruit and veg. Everything is provided including a buddy! The project is run by the Friends of Chorlton Community Garden, funded through the National Lottery’s Together for Our Planet scheme.


We are supporting new veg growers in the wider context of encouraging greener, less environmentally impactful lifestyles. When you grow some of your own food, you’re reducing trips to the shops, not using packaging and usually wasting less food. And of course there’s the pleasures and benefits of eating something you’ve grown yourself!

Our ten recipients in Chorlton received their kits in early April 2023.

  • A starter kit with everything needed including container, compost, plants, seed trays and seeds

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • A WhatsApp group for support

  • A buddy to occasionally help you as needed

  • Free seeds to give family, friends or neighbours

Participants are spreading the joy and benefits of veg growing by inspiring friends and neighbours too:

  • All the veg containers are in people's front garden or other places that passers-by can see

  • They are happy to chat with others about their new veg growing forays and share seeds

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Coming soon.

The Space to Grow plants

We selected plants that are easy to grow, including in containers, and of course tasty too!​

  • Growing from seed: dwarf green beans, rocket, radishes, cut & come again salad leaves, and edible flowers nasturtium or calendula

  • Some of these can be pricy and over-packaged in shops such as the salad leaves

  • Some aren't even available in shops, or only at high cost, such as calendula petals and nasturtium flowers and leaves. And how about radish seed-pods from a radish left to go to seed? 

  • A bush cherry tomato and chives are supplied as plants

  • Easy-to-follow instructions and links to useful information and resources

All the work to create and deliver this project is carried out by volunteers :-)

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